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As valued members of WEST AFRICA PROPULSION SERVICES CC, we want to take this opportunity to tell you more about our developing company.

We feel that our excellent service and quality will complement and benefit your company extensively.

Below are the services we are able to provide you with, for more information regarding WEST AFRICA PROPULSION SERVICES CC, please feel free to contact us on +264 64 20 3346 or

Marine Propulsion

Our skilful team are able to attend to any type of mechanical and propulsion unit on board any type of vessel such as below:

– Container Ships
– Crew Boats
– Barges
– Bulk Carriers
– Dredgers
– Fishing Vessels
– Tugs – Anchor Handling Vessel (AHV)
– Harbour Tugs
– Platform Supply Vessel (PSV)
– Salvage Tugs
– Research Vessels
– Naval Vessels

We will on request do surveys and any form of service work, being 5 year, 10 year, and more. We provide aftermarket service which covers ALL Makes, Models, and Types of equipment currently on the world wide market

such as below:

– Gear Boxes
– Intermediate Shafts
– Steering Gears
– Tail Shafts – Fixed Pitch (FP)
– Controllable Pitch Propeller (CPP)
– Oil And Grease Hubs
– Thrusters – Fixed Pitch (FP)
– Controllable Pitch Propeller (CPP)
– Drop Dow / Swing Up Types
– Azimuth / 360* Turning
– Oil And Grease Hubs
– Water Jets

On Site Services
Laser Alignment
Technology has set a standard where we can move away from obsolete methods of using dial gauges, straight edges, and taper rulers in order to align our precious machinery. In today’s day and age, we can align machines within their designed tolerances at the push of a button. Laser Alignment has various advantages as it pays for itself through lower cost for replacement parts, less  own time, optimum efficiency, and longer machine life. We also offer various ready to use shim sizes each in a their protective boxes.
Sizes: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 130mm, 150mm, 200mm
Each of the above shim sizes range from 0.05mm to 3.0 mm in thickness. We can also supply and pour Chockfast Orange or Epocast if preferred by the client.
Laser Alignment can be used in Marine, Mining, and Industry as explained below.
Marine Application
The alignment of large marine propulsion equipment, ranging from a large variety of products. Our expertise are available 24/7 and we operate across all of Africa.
Below are some examples:
  • Air Clutches
  • A-Frames
  • Engines
    • Back Up Engines
    • Generators
    • Main Engines
  • Intermediate Shafts
  • Plumber Blocks
    • Roller Bearing Type (Thrust & Taper)
    • White Metal Bearing Type (Oil Lubricated
Vibration Analysis & Condition Monitoring
Condition monitoring is the process of monitoring a parameter of condition in machinery, such that a significant change is indicative of a developing failure. It is a major component of preventative maintenance. The use of conditional monitoring allows maintenance to be scheduled, or other actions to be taken to avoid the consequences of failure before the failure occurs.
Nevertheless, a deviation from a reference value (e.g. temperature or vibration behaviour) must occur to identify impeding damages. Predictive Maintenance does not predict failure. Machines with defects are more at risk of failure than defect free machines. Once a defect has been identified, the failure process has already commenced and condition monitoring systems can only measure the deterioration of the condition.
Intervention in the early stages of deterioration is usually much more cost effective than allowing the machinery to fail. Condition monitoring has a unique benefit in that the actual load, and subsequent heat dissipation that represents normal service can be seen and conditions that would shorten normal lifespan can be addressed before repeated failures occur.
Line Boring
WAPS is an on board, on site precision machining company offering line boring services to a wide range of industries around Africa on a 24 / 7 basis. We have a portable boring and facing machine to cover a range of repairs or modification projects on site, whether they be in emergency, or planned maintenance situations.
We can line bore and face anything in the Marine, Mining, and Industry sectors. Our straight line bore machine has an overall cutting length of 8 meters ( but not limited to ) with a maximum cutting diameter of 1.8 meters. We also have a machine capable of making taper cuts while line boring. This is often used on taper rudders bushes and couplings. Diesel engine cylinder blocks, steam, gas and hydro casings, electrical stator frames, marine stern tubes, couplings, fan housings, earth moving equipment, and much more benefit from our straight line bore services.
The transportable line boring machine is designed to a rigorous standard in terms of accuracy. Our skilled specialists presents customers with confidence to undertake any high precision on site project without hesitation.
Dynamic Balancing
Everything that rotates needs to be in a state of balance to ensure smooth running when in operation. Precision balancing is essential, especially as speeds increase, the effects of unbalance becomes more detrimental and can be disastrous.
On site dynamic balancing saves labour and logistical costs. It takes operating conditions into consideration, such as temperature, pressure, distortion, and other environmental influences. In addition, vibration analysis can determine whether or not imbalance is the problem, or if it is something else. All of this can extend the life of bearings, seals, couplers, and evidently, the machinery.
Equipment that benefit from onsite dynamic balancing are:
  • Fans, Impellers and Propellers
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Machine Turning Centers
  • Grinders
  • Machine Tooling

This is one of the biggest fields with endless possible circumstances of items or machines in need of repair or rebuild. We holster enough expertise to confront any type of challenge that may arise, being planned or unexpected.

We experience countless times where we are asked to manufacture or repair items which are obsolete, as well as items which have long delivery and delay times. Our services are not limited as we can disassemble, repair, reassemble, and function test any type of mechanical item, being and not limited to, pumps, valves, ventilation systems, coolers, casting of white metal bearings, and many more.

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